T-novoMS is a combined de-novo/database-search tool for MSMS tandem spectra identification. Providing one or a list of MSMS spectra (in "dta" format), you will receive an email message with the most-likely, de-novo predicted parent peptide, the best matching peptide found in uniprot, and a measure of the reliability of the de-novo and database-search predictions.

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Job name required

Specify a name to identify your job:

Input files required

Upload a file with only one spectrum, or a compressed (zip or tar.gz) collection of at most 10.000 files, each one with only one spectrum, in SEQUEST .dta format (see example and description). The user also specifies a job name, an email address to receive the results, and (optionally) specifies a working temperature.

(NB: input spectra should have charges q<=3, otherwise they will be ignored)
Email required

The system will send you an email with a link to the results when your job finishes:

Custom parameters optional 

Configure the parameters for this execution:

(optional, T>0: by default T=2. Notice that very small values of T will yield numerical errors (under or overflow)


[1] M. Faccin; P. Bruscolini, "MS/MS spectra interpretation as a statistical-mechanics problem", Analytical Chemistry 85 (10), 4884-4892 (2013)


The T-novoMS web-server is designed by Gonzalo Ruiz Manzanares, Mauro Faccin and Pierpaolo Bruscolini

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